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The Place and the History

Villa Horti della Fasanara is located where once was the hunting ground of the noble Este family, representing the place of rest, recreation and court ceremonies.

This place has been defined “THE COUNTRYSIDE INSIDE FERRARA’S RENAISSANCE WALLS”, largely builded between 1493 and 1505 by the court architect Biagio Rossetti, by the will of Duke Ercole I d’Este, in order to defend the city from potential attacks coming from Venice, this beautiful green area within the city extends from the Porta degli Angeli (“Gate of Angels” located at the end of Corso Ercole I d’Este, enriched by the majestic Palazzo dei Diamanti and characterized by a fortification dating back to 1525, such a mysterious place that it is named “Casa del Boia -”House of the Executioner”-), continues along the embankment to the Tip, called “Montagnola” (“Little mountain” a little artificial hill prepared since the sixteenth century with the function to provide a high and exclusive point), often at the center of strange events, some real and some mythical, and then gets through a green area wich features several different gardens, to finally reach Via delle Erbe and Piazza Ariostea, a symbol of the “Addizione Erculea” (“Ercole’s Addition” a set of costruction works ordered by Ercole I d’Este), dating back to the end of the 1400 and the beginning of 1500.

In the sixteenth century thanks to the Canale dei Giardini (“Channel of Gardens”), from the banks adorned with greenery and using a wharf located near the Castle, the court could reach “Belfiore”, the “Barchetto”, the “gardens of Montagnola” and the “Montagnone”.